What is the best Pitch Correction & AutoTune Plugin??

What is the best Pitch Correction & AutoTune Plugin??

I've been using pitch correction plugins for a long time. I remember using the built in Pitch Corrector in Garageband and Logic when I was just getting started recording, long before switching to Pro Tools. After years of testing I've compiled my list of Top Pitch Correction Plugins and one is FREE!

You'll notice that the Top 2 are missing from my list (Melodyne and Antares AutoTune). I think both of these are good products but can be beaten in features and MORE importantly, price. So, check out my list below and let me know any that I'm missing and should check out!

Diamonds ONLY



Melda Productions: MAutoPitch (FREE)

MAutoPitch from Melda Productions is free and I used it for years. Its also really easy on the CPU so you can use a lot of instances before you run out of power. Its pretty basic but it will get the job done. It can be set really fast to give you the modern rap vocals you're after. And you can't beat FREE.


Slate Digital MetaTune ($9.99/month)

Slate Digital MetaTune comes apart of their All Access Pass which includes this plugin along with A LOT more. This is a step up in terms of features, and sound of the tune. You get a doubler included, a lot of retune speed options, as well as key presets and customization. A GREAT plugin and a no brainer at the price.


Waves Tune Real-Time ($35.99)

Waves Tune may be my favorite Auto Tune Plugin. First off, price is great. It's $35 and you own it. No more payments. Secondly, The features are amazing. The ability to direct the note using the arrows above each key is game changing. It allows you the ability to correct vocals in a more powerful and robust way. Formant controls, range based correction, and vibrato make this a go to for more technical and challenging vocals.

Antares AutoKey Mobile (FREE)

Ok, so Antares made the list. No matter the AutoTune plugin you choose, this one is essential! This FREE app will use your phone's microphone to listen to your instrumental, determine the key of that instrumental, and tell it to you so that you can set your Pith Correction correctly. 


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