It's not hard to get Industry Quality Vocals 💎

You don't need fancy gear or expensive plugins. You don't need a million dollar studio. You can record at home.

When you use Instant Mix™️ none of that matters.

Drop your raw vocals into this template and you'll hear an Industry Quality Mix, Instantly!

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You need a template

so all you have to worry about is being creative. The template handles all the complex routing and FX settings so you'll sound Professional every time 💎

  • Drag

    This high end template is already Professionally routed. It comes preset with EQ, Compression, and FX. Simply drop your vocals and beat into the clearly labeled tracks.

  • Drop

    All of the plugins used are either included with Instant Mix™️ or come standard with Pro Tools. You don't need to buy anything besides the Instant Mix™️ template.

  • Done

    Once you balance out the vocals and the beat, your mix is done! But, you're free to tweak your vocals and add your flavor to the mix as well. Custom to your style and your sound.

Watch how EASY it is👇🏾

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Instant Mix™️ is the key to effortless, Industry Quality Vocals! Your songs deserve to sound Professional and your voice needs to be heard. Instant Mix ensures you truly shine.