Do you NEED Hardware?

Do you NEED Hardware?

The age old debate. Do you NEED a rack full of hardware? Do you NEED thousands of dollars worth of equipment just to make a great song? 


In short, NO. You don’t need anything more than a mic and a DAW. There is nothing magical about hardware that’s going to rescue your mixes or give you amazing songs. That also means that hardware isn’t what’s holding you back from amazing mixes. 


They’re all just tools. Compressors, EQ, echoes, and delays. How you use those tools is way more important than what they’re made of. 


At the end of the day it’s all preference. They’re have been amazing songs mixed completely in the box and amazing songs mixed completely analog. But, the way they were mixed is NOT what made them amazing. 


Just make great songs with the tools available to you. Focus on increasing your skill set and knowledge and watch your music sound better than ever before  


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