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You have real talent. Your songs are good but they need to be great. They need to be Professional. A pro engineer cost an arm and a leg, but why? You can do it yourself, but better.

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  • Live Mix Coaching:

    We have weekly live Q&A style mixing lessons. These will help get you asking the right questions that reveal your mixing pitfalls. We can address them together in real time. The is the secret to leveling up fast!

  • Video Courses:

    We have video courses on topics ranging from Vocal FX to Mixbus and a lot of stops in between. They all include practice assignments to help you lock in the information your just learned. They're key to mastering these techniques!

  • Private Community:

    Join our private community that's all about inspiration and positivity. Share your setup, asking mixing questions, and make so friends. We're all there to help each other learn and grow together!

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