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VVS Sound

Mixing Masterclass: Vocal EQ

Mixing Masterclass: Vocal EQ

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You tired of getting no play? Tired of weak releases? You want people to see you as a serious artist? I got you. 💎

Your songs deserve to be heard. There are thousands of fans that need to hear your music. But it has to sound amazing. You know that. It has to sound professional. And it needs to reflect YOU. 

You gotta sound like the major artists If you want to compete and be taken seriously. So this is how you get there. Get the exact steps to take your songs from great to Diamonds.

Put these steps into practice and guarantee you'll get more fans, more plays, and more respect.

Diamonds ONLY





Includes: Over an hour of video content, PDF EQ Guide, EQ Check List, and 10 Tips PDF

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